Creations for the creep in us all

Natural Knick Knacks

About Us

In short, we're a young couple following our dreams! We met in 2020 and began fulfilling the life long dream we both shared, living on the road. We bought a camper and started saving up for our upcoming adventures; however, our leaving date was pushed back and pushed back again. With the decline of my health I could no longer do conventional work but with the support of my partner we made Natural Knick Knacks. Although my loss in work seemed to be a negative, it allowed me to be everything I've ever wanted to be, an artist. Dreams fueled by dreams. When you buy our products you're not only getting a beautiful piece you're also helping us live the lives we've always wanted.

About Our Products

All our pieces are handmade and ethically sourced. Our materials are found on our adventures and provided by local reptile shops once their animals pass. Although these animals are no longer living they're always treated with love and respect. We're honored to give these animals a second life and celebrate natures beauty.